Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law

Life can be uncertain. One day you might be celebrating a promotion at work and the next day find yourself in a hospital bed suffering from a catastrophic injury that has rendered you either temporarily or permanently disabled.

When tragedy strikes, it is important to have a personal injury trial lawyer in your corner whose goal is not simply to settle your case, but to see to it that you are fully compensated for your injury.

Attorney Pellizzari, is a seasoned trial lawyer at the peak of his career who will work with you from start to finish in the preparation and presentation of your case to the insurance adjuster or jury member so that your story of pain, suffering, lost wages, disability and loss is fully told. We will tell that story through witnesses that include your family members, fellow employees, friends, and medical professionals who have witnessed your struggle firsthand and therefore know how your injuries have changed your life.

Attorney Pellizzari, will put his medical background in the field of intensive care unit nursing to work for you to be sure your medical records fully document the extent of your injuries and argue the details of those records to adjusters or jury members not only from a position as a seasoned litigator, but also as an experienced member of the critical care nursing profession.

We are sensitive to the fact that no one likes the thought of having to testify to events that only remind us of traumatic events of the past at a trial that may take place years after your injury. Accumulating records and testimony through documents that detail the extent of your injuries many times is all it takes to let the insurance companies know you are holding a winning hand that often leads to you being fully compensated for your loss. You can count on Attorney Pellizzari to leave no detail of your story untold.

Whether it be an injury suffered as a result of a slip and fall, auto accident or exposure to a dangerous product, we can help.

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