Landlord-Tenant Law

If you own investment property, hiring an attorney knowledgeable in the area of drafting leases and adjudicating evictions is critical if your venture into commercial or residential rental property ownership is going to be profitable.

Attorney Pellizzari, has been representing landlords and tenants since the inception of the firm in 1993. The landlord/tenant relationship is governed principally by two things, namely, the agreement between the landlord and the tenant and statutory law. The drafting of agreements that clearly set out the expectations of the parties and are in keeping with the law make the adjudication of disputes less complicated and therefore less time intensive, keep attorney’s fees to a minimum, and preserve the orderly and efficient management of your business venture.

At Law Offices John F. Pellizzari, we know your time is valuable which is why the firm does all it can to settle disputes out of court. When litigation is the only alternative however, you’ll find Attorney Pellizzari’s trial preparation and the presentation of your case in court second to none.

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