Estate Planning

Estate Planning Law

Planning for the transfer of assets after you leave this world can insure that your hopes and dreams for the loved ones you leave behind become a reality. It took a lot of planning and hard work to build your estate. Why not put the same level of planning and hard work into an estate plan that will protect your estate from unnecessary tax liabilities and exorbitant health care costs?

Estate planning attorneys have many cost saving techniques to help preserve your estate to make sure health care providers and Medicaid don’t inadvertently become the principal beneficiaries of your years of hard work.

Attorney Pellizzari, has been drafting estate plans since the founding of the firm. He has also settled estates in probate court for families of former clients.

Although we are sure you would much rather plan for a cruise to the Caribbean, planning for the most cost effective way of paying for health care costs in your golden years and transferring your estate in the event of your untimely demise, can give you the peace of mind you’ll need to fully enjoy your retirement years and of course that long anticipated tropical vacation.

Whether it be a Power of Attorney for Healthcare, the filing of a Guardianship petition on behalf of an impaired loved one, drafting a Will or Trust, settling an estate, the preparation of a deed with a life estate provision, or any other estate planning needs, you’ll find Attorney Pellizzari well versed in all matters having to do with estate planning and the administration of estates.

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