Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law

Attorney Pellizzari believes in the preservation of family, but sometimes the preservation of family can only be accomplished by redefining it. Divorce is never easy, but it need not be the commencement of a life-long battle. Attorney Pellizzari has more than twenty-five years of experience negotiating domestic relations settlements that have been in the best interest of all members of the family.

When the judge puts pen to paper signaling entry of your final decree of divorce, your agreement will be the product of negotiations and not expensive contested hearings where orders are entered that often leave families at odds for years to come.

Attorney Pellizzari, has been quoted saying, “Good lawyers make for good results.” This is true because experienced lawyers know how judges think about issues and can infuse into the negotiation process those judicial positions without having to spend time and money finding out how judges think about fact patterns that many families struggling with divorce have in common.

Not every case of course can be settled through negotiation. Sometimes a judge needs to hear your story and render a decision, and if that is what needs to be done, Attorney Pellizzari will present your case concisely and compassionately. Before litigation is commenced however, Attorney Pellizzari will share with you his thoughts on the likelihood of success before you commit time and money to trying any number of issues before a family court judge so court time can be kept to a minimum.

Communication between attorney and client is crucial in handling domestic relations cases of all kinds whether it be custody, child support, domestic violence, parenting time, and any number of issues under which the Family Court presides. You’ll find us responsive, reasonable and realistic as we help you redefine your family and chart a new course for peace and success.

When your life is coming apart at the seams, we’re here to help you repurpose your family; one dedicated to a future of happiness, prosperity, love and service to others.

We look forward to serving you and your family.

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